What is The Good Trade?
In The Good Trade, we believe that we can live a life that’s good and does good! We made it our mission to gather brands with the same philosophy so that consumers can make ethical and zero waste purchases without fuss. Currently, we organize fairs and gatherings. 

How to apply as a merchant?
Sign up at thegoodtrade.ph/pages/apply

What are the criteria The Good Trade looks at when screening merchants?
Your business has to fall under AT LEAST one of these categories:
  • Bulk Food + Homemade Snacks (Package free food)
  • Cause-driven (Fundraising, Provides livelihood for a community)
  • Sustainable Travel (Eco-tourism)
  • Ethical Fashion (Uses deadstock fabric + fair trade) 
  • Upcycled (Uses old materials and turns them to something useful)
  • Refillables + Vegan Personal Care (Cruelty-free skin products)
  • Zero-waste Tools (Alternatives to single use products)

How much are the rates?
Rates depend on the venue. Rates start at P3,400/day inclusive of taxes.

How do you choose the venue?
In 2018, we focused on hosting fairs at BGC because it’s accessible whether you’re coming from the north, the south or Makati/Ortigas areas.
We are working on bringing the fair to QC and Alabang area in 2019.

Do you waive fees for NGOs?
Yes, we waive fees for NGOs who collect discarded items to create a circular economy. Instead of going to waste, these items find new purpose through their help.

For NGOs who want to spread their advocacy, we can only offer a slot for workshops/talks. We don’t allow campaigning at the booth, even merchants can’t do this. We believe that the former is a more appropriate platform for this kind of activity.

Kindly send us a proposal at thegoodtrade.ph@gmail.com

What are subscription boxes?
The Good Trade’s subscription boxes are curated kits with the best all-natural, zero-waste necessities. Our team tested multiple products so you don’t have to. Our kits are mishmash of the best products at the best prices.

Why did you launch subscription boxes?
Over the past 6 months, we’ve gotten requests for an online shop that houses multiple brands to trim down shipping packaging to one, save money, and reduce carbon emission. We respond to that call with a subscription box service. Our kits are priced at least 30% lower compared to when you will have to buy the items individually.

How does the subscription box work?
By default, the kit is delivered every three months or quarterly.
As always it’s your call. You have the choice to try it out (1 delivery), avail of the semi-annual (2 deliveries) or the yearly subscriptions (4 deliveries).

Will I get my box right away?
Currently, we only ship on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Cut off for orders is every 3rd Saturday of the month, 12mn.
Tip: continue using the products you already have on hand to lessen wastage. Your kit will arrive in no time!

Can I return my used bottles/packaging? Do I get store credits?
Yup, you may return it on the next delivery date. We’ll e-mail and text you the week before we ship it out.
You will get Php50 store credit if you return the complete packaging for each set.

What packaging do you use?
Our kits are packed using upcycled flour katsya or coffee burlap bags with shredded scratch paper to protect the items from getting squished. All items are wrapped in post consumer paper (like brown bags or old newspaper) to prevent it breakage and contamination.

Why should I subscribe if I can buy these products individually?
The Good Trade’s online shop houses multiple brands to trim down shipping packaging to one, save money (we offer the best products at the best prices), and reduce carbon emission. You can shop ethically and sustainably without fuss, wherever you may be in ONE place.
More lugging around bottles at the fair or panicking because you're almost out of a necessity. Your essentials are delivered right to your doorstep.

I have a store and I think my products are perfect for your kits!
Nice, shoot us an email at thegoodtrade.ph@gmail.com

Do you allow refunds and cancellation?
Kindly read our returns and exchanges policies here.

Are there other relevant information I should be aware of?
Kindly read our store policies here.

Are you hiring?
Not at the moment. We’re looking to expand the movement (and the team!) so we might have job vacancies soon. Openings will be announced on Instagram. Follow us @thegoodtrade.ph