Close the Loop

Sharing in The Good Trade philanthropy means to pay it forward in our community and the world. At the fair, we have a repair station for those items you cherish and donation & recycling stations for those you need to dispose!

Before sending your old stuff our way, ask yourself will this make someone happy? Kindly go through the guidelines and make sure each item passes the bare minimum. 

IMPORTANT: Due to newly implemented mall policies, there will be no collections at Central Square. Donation and repair stations will only be available at the fair at Glorietta 2 on November 22-24.


How to donate

Make sure that the items are at par with the minimum standard (Please refer to our guidelines above.) so you don’t hold the line. We have the right to refuse donations that are not usable anymore. Kindly find a way to dispose of these properly.

          Items accepted:

          • Category 1: Women’s Clothes & Women’s Shoes/Bags
          • Category 2: Men’s Clothes & Men’s Accessories Shoes/Bags
          • Category 3: Kids’ Clothes & Kids' Shoes/Bags
          • Category 4: PET bottles, E-Waste, Metal Scrap Aluminum Tin Can
          • Category 5: Paper/Paper Bags/Books and magazines, Ink Cartridge, Flattened Cardboard and shoe boxes
          • Category 6: Hygiene Kits

          NOT accepted:

          • Ecobricks*
          • Toys
          • Make-up
          • Prom Dresses
          • Housewares
          • Glass bottles
          • Wine bottles
          • Plastic Wrappers
          • Plastic Bags
          • Medicine bottles & containers
          • Trinkets/  Paintings
          • Everything not listed on the column on the left
          *Ecobricks were only collected at U.P. Town Center and The 30th. 


            Alteration Station

            Ideally, you'll get the items on the same day. This may vary depending on the number of repairs the sewers get. They can only repair items made of soft fabrics on the spot. 

            100% of profits go to these hard working women. Rent is waived, food and transportation allowance are provided.