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The Good Trade is at a vanguard of a movement that proves that sustainability isn't just a buzzword in Manila.

The movement is growing thanks to the overwhelming support and commitment of advocates to make better choices. We have a thriving community of almost 35,000 combined followers on Instagram and Facebook. In less than 2 years, we have hosted 15 trade fairs in different venues in Metro Manila and have a network of 700+ purpose-driven brands. 

The Good Trade is the leading and most established zero-waste + sustainable fair in the Philippines.

We attribute our success in tapping the right market through the fun, friendly and approachable tone. Our social media content are empowering, beautiful and engaging with cute pastel graphic designs. 

One of the merchants we work with, Daydream Republic, emphasizes that TGT events “were such an instrumental part in raising awareness for zero waste living here in the country!”


The Good Trade is a "well-organized, well-attended and well-intended" fair.

The Good Trade events curate the highest quality purpose-driven brands who stay true to their advocacies. The Good Trade offers an opportunity for forward-thinking sponsors to position themselves in front of our dedicated online and in-person audience, while also supporting and connecting with the growing green economy.
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