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What we are looking for

The Good Trade fuels aspirations and empowers common folks to become purpose-driven entrepreneurs . Our platform is an avenue for Filipino creatives and businesses to sell to a bigger market without spending as much to get to customers.

We love having merchants who sell unique products - Zero-Waste Tools, Fashion and Accessories, Home and Personal Care, Bulk Food & Homemade Snacks, Home Decors - you name it!
Our only deal breaker is - you should be rooted in purpose and/or must be able to express sustainability in your own way! Since sustainability is such a broad term, we defined what it means for us. We'd like to work with you if your brand, product or advocacy falls under one of these categories.
If you feel like you're sustainable in a different way, please share your story in the form so we can get to know you more! :)
  • Zero-waste & Eco-conscious
    • Package free
    • Refillables
    • Bulk
    • Upcycled/Recycled
    • Circular-economy
  • Fair Trade & Cruelty-free
    • Living wages
    • Safe working conditions
    • Does not harm animals
    • Vegan
    • Cause-driven & Community-driven
      • Rooted in an advocacy/initiative
      • Works with a community
    • Artisan & Local
      • Indie makers
      • Creators & Artists
      • Food & Beverage Purveyors
      • Locally produced products

      Note: While we support second hand shopping & thrifting, we are unable to approve participation of such brands due to mall restrictions.

      Love from our community

      “Well organized, well attended, well intended."

      — Ian & Veo, Vitrum Bottles

      “Branding was amazing + the crowd was overwhelming! Have never seen Central Square that full!"

      — Kim Tiamlee, Pulseras by Kim

      “A lovely place to meet like minded people. Loved the whole vibe :)”

      — Daniela Calumba

      “Everyone who went was all there for something bigger than themselves. The overall feeling during the entire event was nothing but positive and inspiring.”

      — Arianne Avenido, Slo Living