Apply as a merchant

Are you a purpose driven brand?

Our fair's a perfect fit for you. We'd love to get to know you more. Tell us more about what you do by filling out this form. 

We have available slots at our runs at The 30th and Glorietta. 

Note: Your business has to fall under AT LEAST one of these categories:

  • Bulk Food + Homemade Snacks (Package free food)
  • Ethical Fashion (Uses deadstock fabric, fair trade) 
  • Refillables + Vegan Personal Care (Cruelty-free skin products)
  • Zero-waste Tools (Alternatives to single use products)
  • Eco-conscious Home (Functional items made from scraps)
  • Cause-driven (Fundraising, Provides livelihood for a community)

Important: While we support thrift shops and second hand shopping, we can't approve participation of such stores as merchants due to mall restrictions. 

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