Zero-waste Myths and Misconceptions 

Eco-conscious Zero-waste

Is plastic eveil? We’re here to debunk these misconceptions about zero-waste and sustainability! 

Myth #1 Going zero-waste costs more money

It is important to know that the zero-waste movement isn’t entirely a product-based movement. Products seek to start discussions on better alternatives to your current lifestyle but they never impose. Essentially, going zero-waste encourages you to use what you already have.

Think of it this way: if you buy something that you can use for zero-waste efforts already, then that’s just going to add to the overall waste. Remember to use what you already have and purchase products that will surely assist with your current lifestyle.

Myth #2: Zero-waste is all or nothing

Our favorite example is the metal straw on the plastic cup. If that’s all you can do right now, then that’s alright! Every small step has a big impact in the environment. It’ similar to the effect of a hundred people picking up one piece of trash and putting it in the bin every day. 

We believe in the big effects of a solid community that’s geared towards protecting the environment in any way whether big or small. 

Besides, you can always choose to reuse that plastic cup! :)

Myth #3: Don’t use plastic. 

The chemical structure of plastic causes it to decay extremely slowly. However, it’s still the mismanagement of and dependency on plastic that’s posing a big problem to our efforts and to the environment. 

Upycling efforts through many organizations nationwide and one’s individual creativity in reusing (and refusing) are great ways to curb this slowly as technology for plastic management continues to develop. 


That’s our top 3! What myths have you busted during your journey? Share your story with us!

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