Message from our Founder: Realigning with our Values as a Brand & Community

Message from our Founder: Realigning with our Values as a Brand & Community

Navigating through changing seasons and winding roads led us to tune inwards. As a brand, what are our values? how do they translate into the world? Is The Good Trade still in alignment with them?

In The Good Trade, we’ve always believed that we can live a life that’s good and does good. And we still do! This still rings true post-COVID. We share inspiration and spread love cloaked in sustainability.

What we realized though, is that we have so much room for growth - as individuals, as a community and as a brand. During the lockdown, we saw the spirit of bayanihan shine throughout the darkest times. We saw how we deeply care for one another. We saw how big things are indeed small individual efforts added up all together. Making an impact and leading a life with purpose can be done by so many ways in their unique ways.

We want to celebrate these wins and dial up the magic at The Good Trade. We’re breaking free from labels that boxed us without breaking free from what brought us here in the first place. Instead of letting “zero-waste” define us, we’ll channel this initiative as one of the many ways we can be purpose-driven and sustainable.

What does this mean? This means that The Good Trade is even more inclusive and sustainability as a lifestyle is even more accessible.

The Good Trade is now a thoughtful platform for purpose-driven & sustainable brands & individuals. 

We believe in community and collaboration, in transparency, and respect for the planet and people.

As we always say, the best pursuits are the ones that touch hearts and change lives, no matter how subtle. On top of our list are:


What kind of life do you want to live after the pandemic? What kind of world do you want to see after the crisis?

If you haven’t already, let today be the day you figure out what excites you and invite that energy throughout your days. It takes courage but it will surely bring #AllTheGoodStuff into your life.

We’re seeking ways to bring a whole new stack of goodness your way - so stay tuned! 😌

Sending love & light,