Tips to jumpstart your Zero-Waste Journey in Manila 

Tips to jumpstart your Zero-Waste Journey in Manila 

Ease your fears with going zero waste and check out these simple steps to start your zero waste transition! It doesn’t have to be complicated, honestly! We compiled different tips depending on which life aspect you want to change! 

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Life in General 

Feeling a little unprepared for your zero-waste transition? The Good Trade compiled 4 essentials to help you jumpstart zero-waste journey. 

Beauty & Wellness

It’s easy to feel guilty when you’re doing your daily skincare and makeup routine. Personal care items often come in disposable and non-recyclable packaging that can contribute significantly to our earth’s landfill. Here are some easy and simple steps to make the siwtch for your personal care routine! 💆🏻‍♀️


Sustainable Kitchen & Pantry

Feel less guilty when cooking up your daily meals and practice these simple zero waste kitchen habits!  Make the switch with non-single-use containers and packaging, top up kitchen essentials at package-less groceries, and turn food waste into compost.


Cultivating Zero-Waste Habits

Forming good habits takes a lot of commitment—but it doesn’t have to be a complicated process; trust us! Just do it a day at a time, and you’d be surprised with #AllTheGoodThings that’ll come natural to you. 🌱


What other zero-waste sustainability tips do you have? Comment down below!