The Urban Spices

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Category: Bulk Food + Homemade Snacks
Products: Cardamom Black Cardamom Green Cayenne Powder Chilli Powder Chili Flakes Cinnamon powder Cinnamon sticks Cloves (whole) Corriander Powder Corriander Seeds Cumin Powder Cumin Seeds Curry Powder Dried Chili Dried Fruit Tea Fennel Seeds Garam Masala Ginger Powder Hibiscus Nutmeg Powder Nutmeg Whole Paprika Rose Petals Szechuan Peppercorn Turmeric Powder

Price range: per 100 grams is 80 - 200

Our Story: We, at The Urban Spices, celebrate the goodness of the freshest of spices gifted to us by mother nature. The flavors, the aroma, the colors, the amazing health benefits - it is our goal to make these accessible to everyone.

Through responsible sourcing practices, we are committed to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable living. We already used too much from our previous spice purchases, it’s time to give an opportunity for people to veer away from that.