Tropik Beatnik

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Category: Ethical Fashion
Products: Handmade and lifestyle accessories for the tropical bohemian
Price Range: P500-P1,000
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Instagram: @tropikbeatnik

Our story: Tropik Beatnik is a lifestyle accessories brand, born out of a desire to create unique, fun, but most importantly handmade pieces for the ever-evolving modern woman. Crafted by hand out of clay by women from all walks of life, Tropik Beatnik’s quirky and unconventional pieces draw inspiration from the colorful, fun-loving spirit of the Filipino, reflected in the brand’s tropical and vibrant aesthetic. In this mechanical age where fast fashion thrives, Tropik Beatnik is a breath of fresh air--- taking pride in craftmanship and artistry, bringing handmade and heart-made pieces to the forefront of the Philippine scene using contemporary materials, with pieces inspired by local pop culture and Philippine tradition.