Facial Bars
Facial Bars
Facial Bars

Facial Bars

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An eco-conscious, handmade, cold-processed natural facial bar made with plant-based oils and ingredients is a great mixture of a bar that is right for the PH of the face. Experience the nourishment of VCO and Olive Oil together with Shea and Cocoa butters. Added with French Clays to sap out dee-seated oils and sebum and deeply cleanse skin.

Why it's good

All Natural, plant-based ingredients. Formulated to match skin's Ph. Handmade and hand-poured. Chooses effective natural ingredients to target specific skin issue. sCold processed to earn the benefits of a good cured bar of soap

Made from: Natural, plant-based ingredients

Lather up in hands and gently rub onto face to cleanse. Rinse.

Dimension/Net weight: 2.25" diameter, 1.25" height (75g)

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