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Category: Zero Waste Tools
Products: Reusable straws (stainless steel and bamboo), reusable coconut shell cutlery, insulated bamboo tumbler, jute scrubbies, unsponges, folding stainless steel cutlery set, abaca market bags, reusable food containers, bamboo toothbrushes, and more!
Price Range: P50-P500
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Our story: Slō Living believes and advocates slow and mindful living, conscious decisions made daily, and the little things that make a huge impact. We aim to make sustainable living more accessible.

We have partners from different provinces in the Philippines who work directly with the communities that make the products we offer. They share the same advocacy on a waste-free and kinder world and they value their people as much as the materials they use (all sourced locally) in making the products. We have yet to work directly with communities in different provinces so for now, we make sure to partner with brands that are ethical and sustainable.