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Shampoo Cubes

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Vegan & Cruelty-free
Light and fresh, these shampoo bars lathe generously, are preservative-free, and pH balanced specially for cat and dog fur.

Why it's good

Made with ingredients found in nature, we wanted a potent, yet grease-fighting soap for our pets. With 4 variants to choose from, each is pH-tuned for a purpose.

Clay cuts through dirt and grime and is perfect for active pets who are frequently outdoors.

Soothe is gentle and pH neutral, perfect for pets with sensitive skin.

Vitamin is made of fruits and vegetables, and is perfect for fur nourishment.

Rosé has a floral aroma and is gentle, yet deeply cleansing. 

Dimension/Net weight: 2.1 x 2.1 x 2.1in

Made from

As a base ingredient, all our Shampoo Cubes contain Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Rice Bran Oil, which nourishes and moisturizes, while washing grime and dirt away. All Cubes are pH tuned for cat and dog coats.

Clay - Harnessing the power of Australian Green Clay, Raw Wild Honey from Palawan, Rosemary, and Neem Oil, this blend heals, clarifies and detoxifies deeply. It’s also a great anti-itch and anti-microbial deterrent for fleas and insects. Developed for dogs, but suitable for cats with skin conditions.

Soothe - Sensitive skin? No problem. Soothe provides a mild, nourishing wash that alleviates damaged skin. Calendula leaves infused with the oils provide a natural antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties. The Oatmeal bits gently exfoliate and balance pH levels, keeping coats supple and fresh. For cats and dogs.

Vitamin - Fruits and vegetables aren’t only for eating. Using real and fresh organic produce combined with Turmeric powder, this gentle antibacterial soap cleans through and through, nourishing the skin with vitamins A, B, C, and E. For cats and dogs.

Rosé - With its floral aroma and detoxifying Pink Clay marbling, Rosé is not only pH neutral, but also uses Calendula infused Coconut Oil - steeped for 6 weeks - as a key healing ingredient. This alleviates, helps inflammation, and deeply cleanses.


To use, lathe shampoo cubes on wet fur and apply as needed. Store in a dry environment, ideally hanging from the attached rope.


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