62% Tablea Cubes

62% Tablea Cubes

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The perfect snack alternative for our 100% pure tablea variant, dedicated for our dark chocolate lovers who like it bittersweet

Why it's good

62% cacao percentage strikes a balance between 'bitter' and 'sweet' -- which is perfect for any chocolate lover -- whether you're into milk or dark chocolate it doesn't matter

Made from: cocoa liquor, cane sugar, cocoa butter 


You can eat it as is or you may use it as drinking or baking chocolate. For drinking, just add 18-28g in your hot cup of milk. Stir until cubes dissolve. For baking, usage is as is. Just incorporate it how we usually do it. 

Dimension/Net weight: 160g, L: 21cm W: 13cm H: 21cm 

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