Cacao Tablea Cubes

Cacao Tablea Cubes

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Dark chocolate in cubes! The perfect snack alternative for our 100% pure, raw, tablea variant. Choose your own dark chocolate content from bittersweet (62%), more bittersweet (74%), and extra bittersweet (85%).

    Why it's good

    if there's bean-to-bar, here we have bean-to-cube, where you can better monitor your dark chocolate intake.

    • 62% cacao percentage strikes a balance between 'bitter' and 'sweet' -- which is perfect for any chocolate lover -- whether you're into milk or dark chocolate it doesn't matter
    • 74% cacao percentage is for our dark chocolate lovers who prefer the usual "dark chocolate taste" like us!
    • 85% cacao percentage is for our super dark chocolate lovers. If you like it extra strong, this one's for you.

    Made from: cocoa liquor, cane sugar, cocoa butter 

    You can eat as is, like your typical dark chocolate snack, or use it as drinking or baking chocolate like our pure tablea option. For drinking, we recommend using hot milk for a better hot chocolate experience 

    Dimension/Net weight: L: 21cm W: 13cm H: 21cm 150g

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