Cacao Tablea

Cacao Tablea

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Modernizing how we drink hot chocolate using traditional quality tablea so that our current generation can truly appreciate our own Filipino culture in today’s fast-changing times (modern x traditional)

Why it's good

No need to cook the tablea anymore to make hot chocolate. Just pour hot milk and it’ll melt on its own. No oiliness. No grittiness. Convenient and hassle-free. Dark chocolate enthusiasts can also snack on these too. Since it’s also 100% pure, diabetics can also make their own cup of hot chocolate and enjoy.

Made from: 100% roasted Davao-origin cacao beans


Add 18-28 mini tablea cubes (18-28g) or 2-3tbsp (personal preferences will apply) and simply pour hot milk (most preferrable) or a combination of hot water and milk - whichever you prefer. Stir until cubes dissolve. That's it!

Dimension/Net weight: " L: 21cm W: 13cm H: 21cm, 150g

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