Cacao Powder

Cacao Powder

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Pure, raw, non-alkalized cacao powder that is tailored for our seasoned bakers and aspiring chocolate-makers here and abroad


Why it's good

Cacao powder (not cocoa powder) contains the natural dark chocolate flavor and aroma since it is not alkalized or Dutch-processed. It is also 100% pure so this means bakers & chocolate-makers have full control of how sweet/bittersweet they want their products to be. Cacao powder is also the most common and most popular ingredient in baking. 

Made from: 100% roasted Davao-origin cacao beans 

For baking, usage is as is. Just incorporate it how we usually do it. For drinking, better to "cook" it in the stove with water/milk in order to properly dissolve the powder particles. For chocolate-makers, mix it with cocoa butter and sugar, that's it. 

Dimension/Net weight: L: 23cm W: 15cm H: 23cm, 264g

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