Talks + Workshops

Practical tips and step-by-step guides on how to do the hard things right. And we even have documentary screenings that will show you why you have to get involved. So what do you want to start changing? 

 All talks & workshops are free.
Walk-ins are welcome.

Pre-registration closes on November 20 (Wednesday) 12nn

July 19 (Fri)

6:30-8PM Sustainably Styled: Dressing up for the Holidays
Shiela Fuentes (Forth Co.)

July 20 (Sat)
1:30-3PM Celebrating Christmas with Less Waste
Monique Obligacion (Buhay Zero-Waste/Druid Things)

3:30-5PM Macrame Plant Holder Workshop
Ginny Matabang (Project PEARLS)

July 21 (Sun)
1:30-3PM Flow Forward: Menstrual Cup 101
Maye Noche (Menstrual Cup PH)

3:30-5PM Worm Kubo: Feed your Kitchen Scraps to Worms
Neica Dela Cruz (Worm Kubo)


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