Talks + Screenings

Practical tips and step-by-step guides on how to do the hard things right. And we even have documentary screenings that will show you why you have to get involved. So what do you want to start changing? 

 All talks & screenings are free.
Walk-ins are welcome.


May 11, Sat

May 12, Sun

1-2:30 PM

Living kindly: Veganism 101
Nancy Siy, Manila Vegans

Don't be trashy: Waste-free Summer Trips
Joni Galaste, Zero-waste Advocate

3-5:00 PM

Documentary Screening: Wasted! The Story of Food


Documentary Screening: Chasing Corals

5:30-7 PM

Ultimate Guide on how to be a Vegan in Manila 
Shopping, Cooking &  Dining Out 
Nancy Siy, Manila Vegans


Trash Talk: Bokashi Composting
Monique Obligacion, Buhay Zero Waste

7:00-9:00 PM 

Documentary Screening: Cowspiracy

Documentary Screening: Food Inc.