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Aloe Vera Soap is rich in ultra-moisturizing aloe vera extract and olive squalane which gently soothe and soften dry skin. Aloe vera extract is already known for its superior skin moisturization capacity, but when combined with a luxurious emollient such as olive squalane it can help boost skin moisture making it look more radiant and nourished. Charcoal Detox Bar - This soap is specially formulated with ultrafine activated charcoal which gently cleanses and detoxifies by drawing out dirt and sebum from your skin. Its unique formula improves bath experience as it eliminates the gritty texture and scratchy feel which is often experienced with other types of charcoal powder. This bar is also enriched with Shea Butter and Olive Squalane to give skin a soft and silky after feel.

Why it's good

handmade with natural ingredients

Made from: skin loving oils and plant extracts

face and body bar

Dimension/Net Weight: approx 120g

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