Luxx Lash Frida
Luxx Lash Frida

Luxx Lash Frida

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Lightweight but with extra volume and extra length - these glam, accent Frida lashes are full-on wispies with a criss-cross effect, making your eyes dazzle like a star!

Why it's good

No glue needed; 100% chemical-free 

Made from: Faux silk, handcrafted carefully strand by strand 

Care/Use:  With a cotton bud and a few drops of the Lash Cleanser, just gently stroke the lashes outwards until dirt and mascara debris are removed. For Lash Cleanser alternatives, you may also use a mixture of baby shampoo or dishwashing soap and water. Keeping them clean can help prolong the use and continue to make them the hygienic alternative to glued-on lashes! 

Dimension/Measurements:  15mm long, 27mm wide

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