Basic Essential Oils
Basic Essential Oils

Basic Essential Oils

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100 % pure essential oils for aromatherapy specifically to assist with mood, stress, and sleep management.

Why it's good

PEPPERMINT: energizing and stimulates mental activity

LEMON: uplifting and creates positive environment

ORANGE SWEET: promotes feelings of happiness

EUCALYPTUS: purifies the air and promotes clear breathing

CEDARWOOD: sweet woody scent, grounding aroma and comforting

Made from: Plant Extracts

For Aromatic use: Put 4-5 drops in a diffuser or burner. For Topical Use: Dilute with a carrier oil before application. CAUTION: Do not ingest or swallow. Do not apply directly on skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Store in a room temperature.

Dimension/Net weight:  5 ml

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