Eclipse Bath Bomb
Eclipse Bath Bomb
Eclipse Bath Bomb

Eclipse Bath Bomb

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Inspired by the eclipse, Eclipse bath bomb is made with activated charcoal for detox, scented with lavender and sandalwood essential oils.

Why it's good

Caters to people who is often exposed to pollution.

Made from: 100% ethically sourced ingredients from the Philippines

You may use it in 2 ways: 1. With bathtub/basin: toss in the water, any temperature will do and let the essentials oils and salts release while soaking in the water. 2. Without bathtub: May be used as bath steamers. Place it near or in the shower area and let the aroma of essential oils release while you take a bath.

Dimension/Net weight: Regular- 8cm/8oz, Medium, 4cm/4oz (circumference/net weight)

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