Cassava Biobag Trash/Laundry

Cassava Biobag Trash/Laundry

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With the commitment to environmental protection, our cassava biobags are 100% compostable and biodegrades in 105 days. These are soluble in hot water and are not harmful to living things in the event of consumption. The innovative technology of cassava biobags surpasses the performance of regular paper bags and is certainly the sensible option compared to traditional plastics made from non-renewable resources and other plastics claiming to have “degradable” features.

Why it's good

100% Biodegradable and Compostable
Uses eco-friendly soy based ink
Soluble in hot water
Low OTR (oxygen transmission rate) for health and safety
Organically made of renewable resources
Nature-friendly and safe to be consumed by microorganisms

Made from: Cassava

Store bags away from direct sunlight and water Place bags in an airtight container or wrap in a non-porous material

Dimension/Measurements: " 60cmx80cmx40mic

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