Compostable Plant-based Mailer (Mint)

Compostable Plant-based Mailer (Mint)

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With the commitment to environmental protection, our plant-based biobags are 100% compostable in 180 days. The innovative technology of corn biobags surpasses the performance of regular paper bags and is certainly the sensible option compared to traditional plastics made from non-renewable resources and other plastics claiming to have “degradable” features.

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Why it's good

Has a flap + adhesive
100% Compostable
Water resistant
Ink does not transfer
Nature-friendly and does not contain harmful ingredients to the body

Made from: Corn

Care/Use: Store bags away from direct sunlight and water Place bags in an airtight container or wrap in a non-porous material

Color may vary due to lightning and display screen.

(Width x Length + Flap x Thickness)

Medium - 25cmx 40cm +4cm x 60mic
Large - 33cm x 40cm + 4cm x 60mic

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