Bloom Serum

Bloom Serum

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Bloom Serum is an organic cocktail fertilizer.

Why it's good

Our Serum is a complete fertilizer cocktail, which means that it contains the 3 principal elements required for plant growth, which is nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. They're specially formulated to boost plant immunity and fortify growth.

Made from: It’s 100% organic and it takes months to make as it's composed of fermented plant and fruit juice, fish amino acid, indigenous microorganisms, calcium phosphate, and other plant-boosting nutrients.

Drip 5 drops twice a week and water generously. For medium to large plants (around 3+ inches tall), it’s best to mix it with water (2/3 of a 30ml bottle, or around 20ml, is to 1 liter of water) and use it as a spray to ensure that all parts of the plant from leaves to roots are well taken cared of!

Dimension/Net weight: 30mL

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