Cacao Tablea

Cacao Tablea

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This is your quality instant hot chocolate tablea drink that is perfect for you, anytime, anywhere. Bakers are also welcome to try our 100% pure dark chocolate tablea.


Why it's good

100% pure unsweetened dark chocolate tablea. Premium choice for drinking and baking chocolate. Dark roasted for a richer darker chocolate taste with slightly nutty notes. Ready to drink. No cooking involved. No oiliness. No grittiness. Convenient. Hassle-free. Diabetics are welcome to try due to its low glycemic index.

Made from: 100% roasted Davao-origin cacao beans 

Add 18-28 tablea cubes (18-28g) or 2-3tbsp (personal preferences will apply) and simply pour hot milk in your cup of tablea. Stir until cubes dissolve. Add your sweetener of choice.That's it. You're good to go!

Dimension/Net weight: L: 21cm W: 13cm H: 21cm, 160g

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