There is absolutely noissue with sustainable and customizable packaging!

Actually, we love it!

noissue_thegoodtrade_2In the past, talking about packaging without using the word “plastic” is almost unheard of. Single-use plastic packaging was everywhere -- from food containers to sleeves for delivering goods. Nowadays, with people becoming more conscious of the devastating effects plastic has on the environment, they are increasingly trying to find ways to avoid using this non-biodegradable and harmful product.

With the launch of our online marketplace, we at the Good Trade PH looked into ways to further minimize the impact of our activities on the environment. “We wanted to make sure that our mission is reflected in every part of our business - this includes finding a packaging partner that shared our values and goals related to sustainability,” Good Trade PH founder Jana said.

Enter noissue, a company that is taking on the challenge of removing “plastic” in the packaging conversation. It creates eco-friendly, sustainable and fully customizable packaging for big and small businesses alike. Whether a start-up or an already established company, noissue can help craft packaging materials to perfectly express a brand’s identity and personality.

“Aside from offering eco-friendly and sustainable packaging, we also liked noissue’s low minimum order requirements which are perfect for small to medium enterprises like us.” Jana adds. “Their website is also easy to use and they have responsive customer service.”

Greening the packaging

The Good Trade PH uses noissue tissue wrappers and stickers that are made from eco-friendly and innovative alternatives compared with traditional packaging items. noissue packaging takes away the burden on customers to figure out how to deal with unnecessarily excessive amounts of plastic to dispose of.

Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), noissue’s tissue wrappers and stickers are sourced from responsibly and sustainably managed forests and supply chains. Its paper products are free from acid, and from lignin and sulfur, preventing ink from being transferred elsewhere or chemicals from being left behind when the paper product is decomposing.

These wrappers and stickers also make use of soy-based ink for their designs. Soybeans are a more renewable and eco-friendly substitute for petroleum-based inks. They also have low levels of volatile organic compounds which help reduce air pollution when it is drying. Although soy inks are slower to dry than other kinds of inks, the process it uses produces more vibrant colors and does not leave behind petroleum-based products when decomposing.

In addition to tissue papers and stickers, noissue also offers tapes, cards, stamps and mailers that are just as eco-friendly. noissue tapes are made from 100% recycled content and do not use non-biodegradable glossy and wax-coated materials, while its stamps have a self-inking version that is made with over 65% post-consumer plastic and come with a soy-based ink pad or cartridge. Lastly, noissue mailers are made out of a bio-based compostable polymer and plant materials such as regular field corn and wheat straw that are a leg up to plastic poly mailer bags. These mailers break down within 90 days in commercial compost and 180 days in domestic compost conditions, including worm farm compost.

Products made from greener alternatives are great, but what makes noissue packaging even more awesome is how they still care for Mother Earth even after they have fulfilled their purpose. Cardboard and paper products, when composted, help in producing more fertile composting conditions. Other eco-friendly ingredients that make up noissue packaging do not leave any toxic residues once the items have fully decomposed.

Bespoke packaging

Consistent and cohesive branding was key to set ourselves at the Good Trade PH apart from other brands. For our noissue tissue paper design, we used line versions of our original design elements, such as the leaf, the flower and the hand. We also added smaller line art elements like the hearts and asterisks to be interspersed with the bigger elements. These gave the overall design a cleaner and minimalistic look and emphasized our brand’s purpose-driven vision of supporting sustainability and environment-friendly local brands and advocacies. The sticker design used the Good Trade PH’s logo for immediate brand recognition.

Customizing our tissue paper and sticker on the noissue website was quick and easy. Since our graphic designer already had a ready-made design, we simply uploaded a PDF file of the finished product then noissue matched our design with the closest pantone color. Everything was finalized in less than one day!

For brands that do not have designs yet, noissue allows you to customize one on the spot. And when we say customize, we mean picking everything from shapes and colours to sizes! Need help with coming up with a design? noissue has got you covered with a list of design agencies and freelancers from almost all over the world. It also has a blog chock-full of design and branding inspirations.

After finalizing your design, you can set the number of items that you need. noissue’s low minimum order quantities are perfect for start-ups or for businesses that make products on a small-scale or as-needed basis. This gives artisans realistic options and the same opportunities as bigger businesses do to benefit from sustainable and good-quality packaging. noissue’s 21-day standard delivery is free of charge. Express shipping is available for an additional fee.

Giving back to our forests

Already sold with the eco-friendly and customizable packaging options noissue is offering? The brand takes it one step further. Under its eco-packaging alliance, noissue plants a tree in areas of need around the world for every order they receive. It is another way noissue contributes to helping the environment: by supporting global reforestation one tree at a time.

We are proud to now be part of noissue’s eco-packaging alliance. It is a great way to contribute to global reforestation and to highlight our eco-friendly packaging! For the first order we made, noissue planted a tree in Australia to support bushfire recovery. Aside from restoring the forests, this effort will help restore wildlife habitat and assist native vegetation in growing back.

Making the switch

Businesses and brands no longer have to sacrifice design and quality for sustainable packaging. noissue makes it easy to make the switch. “With everyone starting new home businesses, you have to be looking for packaging, right? Why not be sustainable and affordable packaging? We're so excited to share that noissue have sustainable packaging options with very low minimum order quantity, perfect for start-ups and SMEs,” shares Jana.

noissue has teams working remotely in the following cities: Auckland, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Manila, New York, Sydney and Toronto. Hit them up and give your customers an exciting and unforgettable boxing experience that will leave a minimal impact on the environment.

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